Mentorship Program

Welcome dearest sacred soul!

Are you calling in the next step to deeply connect with and activate your Highest Self?



Are you ready to:

~Be Activated on a Soul Level

~Feel confident and rise into radiance?

~Alchemize your energy and uncover the Queen Essence within?

~Embody your unique and original energy?

~Remove blocks that hold you back from receiving the flow abundance in all of its forms?

Join me for an exclusive one on one mentorship program where together we will tap into your own personal illumine magic to help you clarify, magnetize and womanifest your core desires. In your 4 month mentorship program, I will guide you to unearth and lovingly release blocks, patterns, and energies which no longer serve you, so you can truly align with your purpose. We will create unique personal rituals that allow for positive, life-supporting daily habits to form. We will laugh, cry, discover and celebrate what your spirit is calling you to step into. Together we will witness the activation of your Divine right to be in your light body so you may rise into the most motivated and empowered expression of yourSelf. You’ll gain and remember the wisdom that is cosmically encoded with practical tools to amplify your most aligned life, fully unique and free to RADIATE!



You Will Receive:


~A one hour invocation creation call, where together we will curate an invocation that is powerful & resonant specifically to you. The foundation of any personal spiritual practice, ritual or ceremony. ($111)


~Two in-depth 4 card oracle readings (Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit) encompassing the 4 months ($111 each)


~Two 30 minute distance readings of your personal chakras, where we will determine where there is stagnant energy or blocks, and clear them. Includes practical tips and guidance on how to open and balance the main 7 energy centers of your body. ($75 each)


~A 90 minute 1:1 call of soul purpose discovery including the pinpointing and releasing of inherited family trauma, something that can deeply affect your journey. Followed by a 30 minute guided meditation with vibrational sound therapy as we journey inward to activate a remembering of freedom to embody your unique soul gifts. ($300)

~A 2 hour 1:1 Womb Clearing & Healing Session. Womb healing is integral for the healing of the planet. Because we are the generation healing our ancestral traumas, the next 7 generations can live free from inherited traumas. We can hold the energy of past lovers, connections that have fallen away, traumas, and experiences within our wombs. These stagnant energies can often times hold us back from our desires and dreams. When we heal our wombs, we heal the womb of Mother Earth and assist in the collective evolution into unconditional love on Earth. Visit 'Womb Healing' on this website to learn more. ($200)


~A one hour personalized essential oil aromatherapy consult, to target your deepest health and wellness desires. You’ll receive a custom 5 ml roller bottle blend by mail. ($111)


~4 months of personal accountability morning check-ins every couple days, via text, Voxer app (voice messaging) or email. Your preference. (Priceless)


~4 months of “office hours” support in between scheduled calls. (Priceless)


~An inspiring PDF workbook full of lunar wisdom, journal prompts, printables and more. ($300)


Due to the level of detail and attention, this program will be limited to sacred souls who truly desire to live aligned with their cosmic purpose and their inner Queen path, she who is fully open to serve and be in receiving of the ever giving Universal energy. As a result, I ask for an intentional paragraph describing  “why you desire this mentorship” so we can be sure this isn’t just curiosity or a fleeting excitement, yet a deep yearning for soul discovery.



Who is right for this program?


A soul seeker who feels the deep whispers of stepping into their luminous calling. They are enthusiastic to strengthen a relationship with the Divine Feminine, their Intuition, their personal spirit guides, and the conscious collective. They innately KNOW this is meant for them. They MUST be open to exploring all the facets of who they are, ready to commit to 4 months of dedication to self-love and self-care. This is where the mystery becomes magic.


When: Mentorships begin on the 1st of the month

(note: I only hold space for 4 mentees at a time, so you may be placed on the waiting list)

Where: In the comfort of your own space, calls will be via telephone

Investment: $1555 (split payment plan available)

You’ll also get these special bonuses:

~20% off all Online Workshops in 2020

~An exclusive rate of 20% off all future oracle reading bookings in 2020

~Exclusive opportunity to book instant single card readings at $10 a card in 2020 ( this is no longer offered for the general collective)


~Other things that are a surprise so I can’t tell you yet, but I promise it'll bring tears to your eyes and a buzz of gratitude to your being.


About your Mentor


Elise Nicole Kirkpatrick’s passion for healing, giving and sharing inspired her to follow a divine path that allows the sharing of her unique gifts with the world today. She is a down to earth, fun and spiritually empowering intuitive guide, oracle card reader, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, and spiritual mentor. Elise is devoted to encouraging clients to focus on developing their highest potential in order to become aware of their true courage, beauty and innate strength that lies within. For the last 12 years, Elise has fine-tuned her natural divine gifts in the healing arts. With a passion for uplifting her community Elise’s work is built on a foundation of offering spiritual guidance through potent heart-centered ancient and modern wisdom. Reiki healing energy flows organically through her modalities. Her caring approach brings ancient wisdom to the modern world.


After calling the beautiful islands of Hawai'i home for nearly 15 years, world traveler Elise Nicole now resides in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Colorado.







“I find joy in holding a light for many clients & students to tap into their intuition, connect with their guides, clear big blocks, reprogram the fear voice and reclaim empowered energy so that they can live a life more aligned to their truth. My purpose is to offer my wisdom, answer deep questions, assign hOMework to form inspired living habits and hold you accountable in a loving, patient and expansive way.


May you listen to your womb as she sings to you the invitation to reclaim your innate right to embody the Priestess within. The world needs your medicine sister!” -Elise Nicole